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The markets, i.e. markets services were the central activity of the company Skopski Pazar A.D. until recently. During the past fifty-four years, Skopski Pazar has set up and arranged numerous market capacities for mass consumption products, covering a total area of over 100,000m² closed and open selling spaces with more than 2,620 sales outlets, 2,433 of which are stalls. At the moment, the company manages 16 green markets and 1 livestock market.  Working hours in all markets is from 07:30am to 09:30pm.

The market Bit Pazar is the main supply center in Skopje and the biggest market in the Republic of Macedonia. Situated in the old part of the city, on the left bank of the River Vardar, Bit Pazar continues to nourish the old and rich mercantile traditions of the past. The traces of the orient can still be seen here, which bring memories of a nostalgic past time. Full of hundreds of stalls where numerous mass consumption products are displayed, not only from domestic production but also from furthest parts of the world, this market has offered the cheapest, freshest and best quality food in the city and it is going to continue doing so in the future. This is where citizens can buy whatever they need at one place.

The market in Chair services citizens of Chair, Topansko Pole and part of Zelezara;

The market in Taftalidze supplies citizens of Taftalidze I and II, Trndol and part of Karposh;

The market in Bunjakovec supplies part of the citizens from the central city area, Bunjakovec and Debar Maalo;

The market Zelen Pazar services citizens from the central celebrity porn city area, part of Kisela Voda, Przino and Kapishtec;

The market in Drachevo supplies the citizens of Drachevo and the surrounding areas;

The markets in Metodija Andonov - Chento – Chento I and II supply the citizens of Metodija Andonov – Chento, Stajkovci, Indzikovo and the surrounding areas;

The markets in Gorche Petrov I and II supply the citizens of Gorche Petrov, Vlae, Saraj, part of the citizens in Karposh and the surrounding areas;

The market in Jane Sandanski supplies the citizens of Jane Sandanski, Lisiche and the surrounding areas;

The market in Shuto Orizari supplies the citizens of Shuto Orizari, part of Topansko Pole and the surrounding areas;

The market in Butel services the citizens of porn cartoon Butel and the surrounding areas;

The market in milf porn Avtokomanda supplies the citizens of Avtokomanda, cialis online part of the citizens of Zelezara, Keramidnica and other areas;

The market Rasadnik in Kisela Voda supplies the citizens of porn cartoon Kisela Voda, Rasadnik and the surrounding areas;

The Livestock Market - cattle from the surrounding area of Skopje and celeb sex tapes other parts of the country is sold at this market.

The hot milfs modern lifestyles and citizens’ requirements present the need to find ways to increase the number of markets. Undoubtedly, the basic ambition that Skopski Pazar AD has is to provide each urban area in Skopje with its own green market. In this regard, the Company envisages the construction of new modern, contemporary supply centers and modernization of the existing ones. The markets that exist in almost all districts of Skopje are modern markets, always close to the citizens, with quality goods at reasonable prices. The contemporary Skopje market is also a place for entertainment, recreation and evocation of old traditions. Apart from the stalls, the accompanying structures such as restaurants, pastry shops, fast food restaurants, tea houses, fountains and numerous stores provide additional charm to the markets. They give a distinguishing quality to the markets. All of this creates a pleasant atmosphere which people can enjoy for hours.

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