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pazar_star1952 - After the establishment of the National committee of the City of Skopje in 1952, the management of the markets in Skopje went under its jurisdiction. Aiming at better regulation of the management of markets in Skopje, the National committee made a decision to establish Markets administration in Skopje. That practically set the foundation of the contemporary Skopski Pazar.

1953 - Due to the process of modernization, Skopje City Hall reached the decision to assign one building and two compressors-coolers to Skopski Pazar.

1954 - Skopski Pazar built a closed pavilion with built-in stalls. By the end of the year, seven pavilions were built, each with 40 sales outlets.

1956 - Skopski Pazar turned to independent financing, acquiring the characteristics of an independent communal-business organization. In this regard, Skopski Pazar established its own crafts department (comprised of various profiles related to carpenter’s, locksmith’s, painter’s, transport and building activities) the aim of which was to maintain the existing fixed assets and buildings and to further build other structures under its own initiative. This year Skopski Pazar was granted the management of Skopje City Beach (until 1958). This year was a turning point for the entire business policy of Skopski Pazar. Namely, Skopski Pazar turned towards building micro-markets i.e. shops. By the end of 1958, 18 such micro-markets or shops were built. At the end of the year, the construction of the premises for the Wholesale market in Skopje started, its main activity being the purchase and sale of rural products – vegetables and fruit.

1958 - The Secretariat for economy of the National Committee of the City of Skopje registered the Markets administration essay writing service and entered it into the register of state business institutions with status of private financing, under the jurisdiction of the National Committee of the City of Skopje.

1961 - The National Committee of the City of Skopje transferred the right as founder of the Markets administration to the National Committee of the Municipality of Kale for the period of the following four years. This year, the Wholesale market acquired its final appearance.

1963 - The earthquake on 26 July 1963 put a stop to the development of the city and faced Skopski Pazar with many important obligations in relation to the supply of the city with fresh agricultural and other necessary products. Shortly after the earthquake, the market in Shuto Orizari was built, which was later expanded with a block of shops.

1964 - The new regional supply center, Gorche Petrov I was built.

1965 - The Markets administration transformed from an institution into an enterprise.

1966 - At the district commercial court in Skopje, in the register of business enterprises, the company is registered as a communal enterprise for markets Skopski Pazar – Skopje. With this act, the communal enterprise has all the activities under its jurisdiction: management of markets and market structures, fairs, livestock fairs, management of all allocated buildings or buildings which are to be allocated in the future or which the company itself will build, taking care of the order within markets, fairs and exhibitions, fulfillment of the revenue in accordance with the financial plan etc.

1967 - The activities of the communal enterprise Skopski Pazar are expanding and now it provides craftsman services for third parties with the help of the craftsman workshop which operates as a separate unit. This year the livestock market is dislocated from Chair to Trubarevo, situated in the suburbs.

1968 - The communal enterprise Skopski Pazar expands its activities including trade and trade mediation at markets, fairs and livestock markets. This year the urban plan for the city of Skopje is established, the implementation of which incorporates adjustment of the old and building of new structures by Skopski Pazar, as well as dislocation of certain premises.

1969 - The new modernization of Skopski Pazar imposed new organizational restructuring. Due to this, new working units are formed this year: 1) markets, 2) maintenance, reconstruction and construction, 3) business premises and 4) joint services.

1970 - The supply center in Drachevo was built.

1972 - The supply centers in Taftalidze and Chair were put into operation, the supermarket in Avtokomanda was built as well as the Hardcore Porn warehouses and the water supply system in Trubarevo.

1973 - The shops at the boulevard “Krste Misirkov” were built and the biggest market in Skopje, the Bit Pazar market was asphalted.

1974 - The Communal Organization for Markets is re-registered into Communal Organization of Associated Labour Skopski Pazar. With this act, Skopski Pazar comes forward independently, with its own name and complete responsibility in the legal trade with third parties. Bunjakovec is relocated due to demolition of the existing buildings. The small market in Gorche Petrov II is built.

1975 - The supply center Butel famous people I is built.

1979 - The Communal Organization of Associated Labour Skopski Pazar – Skopje, becomes Work Organization for Markets and Trade Skopski Pazar – Skopje. With this act, the main activities of the work organization Skopski Pazar include services in the field of trade and its subsidiary activities are: retail trade and wholesale trade with food and other products, road traffic, goods transport, civil engineering and construction, hydro constructions and building of other structures in the field of civil engineering and construction.stara2

1984 - With the resolution of the District Commercial Court – Skopje, the shops celebrity porn pics used by Skopski Pazar for subsidiary activities – retail trade with food and other products are registered as business units.

1989 - In compliance with the Law on Enterprises, the Work Organization for Markets and Trade Skopski Pazar is registered as an Enterprise for Services in Trade and Commerce-Skopski Pazar in the court register.

1990 - There is a change in the status of the company by registering the right to carry out activities in external–commercial trade and in addition to this it is registered as a Socially Owned Enterprise for Services in Trade and Commerce Skopski Pazar export-import C.O. Skopje.

1991 - Due to status changes made in accordance with the Law on Public Capital, the Socially Owned Enterprise for Services in Trade and Commerce Skopski Pazar export-import C.O. Skopje is registered in the court register as Skopski Pazar, Mixed Joint-stock Enterprise for Services in Trade and Commerce export-import C.O. Skopje.

1995 - There is an expansion of the activities in external and domestic trade made by a resolution. With this resolution, Skopski Pazar executes the following activities: services in the field of trade; other financial organizations – exchange offices; not stated services – freight; commerce with 27 subgroups of retail trade with food and other products and wholesale trade with food and other products; road traffic; construction industry with 2 subgroups, civil engineering construction and building construction; tourist mediation with 2 subgroups; catering industry with 3 subgroups; communal activity (transport, disposal and processing of refuse); external trade with 4 subgroups.

1998 - The first supermarket of Skopski Pazar, SP Market, viagra online was put into operation in Taftalidze. The same year an SP Market was opened at the location Stara Rampa.

1999 - Three new supermarkets were opened, an SP Market in Centar, an SP Market at Zelen Pazar and an SP Market in Avtokomanda.

2000 - An SP Market was opened in celebrity porn Chair.

2001,December – The new statute of A.D. Skopski Pazar was adopted. The chain of supermarkets continued to exp celebrity sextapes and and three new markets were opened - SP Markets in Aerodrom, Karposh II and Kisela Voda.

2002,January – Skopski Pazar A.D. for services porn cartoon in trade and commerce export-import is re-registered into Skopski Pazar, a Private Joint-Stock Company for Services in Trade and Commerce export-import Skopje. In March this year, the SP Market in Butel, near the market was put into operation.

2003 - The chain of supermarkets continued to expand. 2 new supermarkets were opened, an SP Market in Drachevo and an SP Market Rasadnik in Kisela Voda.

2004 - One more supermarket SP Market Cheshma was opened in Kisela porn cartoon Voda. The same year the company began to develop its retail trade in relation with the supermarkets in two directions. Apart from the existing chain of supermarkets SP Markets, it began opening a chain of discounts Maxi D. By the end of the year Maxi D discounts were opened in Kisela Voda, Taftalidze and Chair, replacing the existing SP Markets.

2005 - The expansion of the chain of discounts Maxi D continued. 6 Maxi D discounts were opened, three of which replaced the existing SP Markets in Aerodrom, Cheshma and Avtokomanda, and the remaining three - at new locations: two in Kapishtec and Shuto Orizari and one outside Skopje - in Ohrid. This same year the beauty center Unique was opened replacing the SP Market which was in the central area of the city.

2006 - In June, Skopski Pazar, as an exclusive representative of the Slovenian company ODEJA, which offers a wide range of antiasthmatic and antiallergenic pillows, mattresses and covers, opened a specialized store in the central area of the city. In December, a new Maxi D discount was opened in hot lesbian porn Kavadarci.

2007 - On 9th May, the company celebrated the 55th anniversary of its foundation. That same month, the 11th consecutive discount from the chain of discounts Maxi D was opened in Ohrid, the second discount of this type in this town. In July, a new discount in Michurin, Skopje was opened. On 15th September, the restaurant Alexandria was opened in Kavadarci. On 26th September, three stores from the new retail chain Bonus Plus began working. On 26th December, our biggest market – the SP Market in Resen was opened.

2008 - The beauty center Unique received the award for best perfumery for the second time and the discount Maxi D Taftalidze won the award for best store at the event “Trade Month”. On 16.07.2008, the 13th Maxi D discount opened in Prilep. In that period, the fourth Bonus Plus at the Green Market started work as well. On 17.12.2008, Skopski Pazar opened its first business-trade center "SP Planet". Within "SP Planet", another beauty center "Unique" was opened, as well as a specialized children's store "SuperKids", the first and only store of this kind.

2009 - On 25.11.2009, the seventh consecutive SP Market was opened in Kumanovo. It is located in the trade center Suma. Apart from the new SP Market, the third beauty center “Unique” was also opened in the trading center Suma. In December this same year, SP Planet celebrated its first anniversary of successful working. Skopski Pazar was at position number 38 in the economy edition of “200 biggest”, published by Kapital Media Group. On 30.11.2009, the first SOS Market, property of Skopski Pazar, started operating, servicing the socially endangered categories of people. Skopski Pazar is one of the twenty five companies given the prestige award “Superbrands”. Skopski Pazar created the first internet webpage for on-line shopping –


2010 - Skopski Pazar in 2010 also completed its investment - a facility for collective housing with business premises in Taftalidze. The premises on the second floor of the trade center SP Planet were adapted. The reconstruction of the women’s market at Bit Pazar started.

2011 – The biggest investment which marked the year was the construction of the business-trade center where the world renown brand Mr. Bricolage and the leader in the electronics trade – Neptune were accommodated. Skopski Pazar implemented a complete reconstruction of the green market in Taftalidze, which included a new store SP Market. This same year, Skopski Pazar adapted and reconstructed the central warehouse in Lisiche. buy windows 7 australia student
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