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Today Skopski real celebrity porn Pazar provides several services.


Trade is a service that Skopski Pazar has been improving during a period of 63 years. This is the activity which this company is distinguished by. At the moment, Skopski Pazar has at its hot lesbian porn disposal 9 modern supermarkets – “SP Market” and 3 black girl porn discounts – “Maxi D”.

In order to provide constant development of its trading activity, the company owns a modern porn cartoon warehouse space covering a total area of 2364m².

Real milf porn estate renting

Real estate renting is an activity which the company has been exp celebrity nude anding throughout the years by investing in new modern buildings and by renovating the market structures in Skopje. Markets, celebrity nude i.e. market services were the central activity of the company Skopski Pazar AD until recently. There are over 2500 stalls within 16 green markets throughout Skopje, covering over 100,000m² outdoor and indoor sales areas. Today Skopski Pazar AD owns a business space covering a total area of 57.190m². Part of these business premises are used for the trading activities of the company itself while the rest is rented to other users.

Catering activities

The Rest essay writing service aurant 14 is nearby the market in Taftalidze. This restaurant with a capacity of 240 seats is a place where people can enjoy the delicious menu, isolated from the city’s everyday chaos.

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